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alumni gatherings servciesSince 1925... These words are easy to say, so easy that you tend to forget the people and their hard work over the past 80 years that made it all possible. In our case though, the people who have built this business are members of our own family. Even though some are no longer with us, the work they started lives on and will be a way they will always be remembered. The land the restaurant sits on was a working family farm. Mike Linnig and his wife, Carrie Wessel started a small roadside stand selling fresh fruit and vegetables to the people in the area. It soon became known as "Mike's Place". The stand was enlarged to a small building where cold sandwiches, soft drinks, candies and freshly squeezed apple cider were served. Fresh fish sandwiches were added made basically from the same recipe used today. All of the family pitched in to help, including the eight children, to keep the farm and beginning restaurant going.

Mike's Place soon became a popular place for local residents to come eat, socialize with their friends and learn all the local news. Mike was always around with a joke or two for everyone.

Outdoor dining areas were added, along with "Curb Service" and waiters. Across the road an outside dance floor was constructed for square dancing with country music supplied by a local band for Saturday night entertainment. Wrestling and boxing matches were held on special nights for local participants. A baseball diamond was set up behind the dance floor and independent ball games were scheduled on Sundays.

This is not to say that there weren't tough times along the way. The destruction of the 1937 flood eliminated all the extra activities. The restaurant itself did survive however, with considerable damage and loss of equipment. After several months delay, business did resume and continued to prosper until the end of 1942. World War II was now under way and gas and food rationing forced it to close. This was in addition to the fact that Mike's two sons, Bill and Len had entered military service. When the war ended in late 1945, preparations were made to reopen for business in early 1946.

In 1950, Mike entered partial retirement and turned the operation over to his two sons, this was short lived as the Korean War broke out and Len was recalled to active duty with his reserve unit, so Mike returned until the war ended. Bill and Len, along with their wives, Dorothy and Juanita, continued the business until disaster hit again in 1966, when the entire building was destroyed by a major fire. This was only four weeks after Mike Linnig's death. After the fire, Bill and Len and their families rebuilt and expanded with an even larger building. They returned with an even greater determination to succeed. With hard work, the restaurant flourished and became the area's largest seafood restaurant. A second enlargement and remodeling was then needed and completed in 1987. The restaurant succeeded through all these years by doing what Mike Linnig's is still known for today, good food, large portions, affordable prices and a casual and relaxed atmosphere.

These traditions remain, even though Mike, Carrie, Bill Sr., and Len are no longer with us, as the third generation helps continue the family business.

Welcome, relax, and enjoy your visit. Then come back to see us real soon.

We'll always be right here to serve you, just like we've been... SINCE 1925.

Thank you for your patronage throughout the years,
The Linnig Family

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